Founder of Life Quest:


Jody Vassallo

As a Coach, my passion is assisting people to reach for their dreams and unlock their inner awesome self.  I have spent the last fifteen years learning the world of life and business coaching, brain science, and addiction recovery education.
Seeing lives transformed and people moving forward toward their dreams and goals, while becoming the best version of themselves, is what I live for.  I am always honored to share in this journey.
I took my coach training at Erickson College in Vancouver, Canada;
graduating in 2013 with a Solution Focused Coach Certificate. I continued on to achieve ACC level coaching certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and continue to work towards higher levels of certification, keeping up with continued training and accountability to the profession of coaching.
I began working at a recovery house for women in Langley, BC, Canada; life and recovery coaching, shortly after graduating.  I loved watching the women grow, transform and transition into their new life.  I have been involved in the world of addiction recovery for the past 15 years, attending and dealing with my own recovery, and then facilitating a 12 step program and walking with others who battle with addiction issues ever since.
Completing the Addiction Education diploma program through McMaster University in 2019 and I am currently working at a treatment center in the downtown east side of Vancouver, BC.  Completing certification as Addiction Counsellor with the Canadian Addiction Counsellor Certification Federation (CACCF) in 2020.
Are you ready to take this great adventure called recovery, into a life of freedom and wholeness?  We all need support and help in this life, lets join together!