Find someone to talk to, to support you, and listen to you. If you don't have anyone in your life that you can trust and go to; find a professional, a Counsellor, a therapist, a coach, a Peer Support Worker. We all need help as humans. Successful people get help. #recoverycoach, #peersupport, #addictioncounselling


Do it scared. Nike's just do it! So many punchy statements regarding facing our fears and not letting them control us. Grab fear by the collar, look it straight in the eyes and tell fear who you are. This also assumes that you know who you are. You are compassionate, creative, curious, caring, confident, clear, … Continue reading Fear?

Your People

If you have just one person like this, consider yourself very fortunate. For those who do not have someone like this, consider being this person for someone else and be sure to choose that someone else wisely. 💕